Catalina Trip May 24th-26th 2024




2 nights of accommodation and 2 days of diving on the Bottomscratcher Liveaboard Dive Boat.

Open Water certification required.
Catalina Trip – Bottomscratcher Dive Boat
We meet at the dock in San Pedro, CA on Friday night. Generally we are allowed to board the boat and set up our gear and bunks by 7:30pm and then we go for dinner together as a group nearby.

Kevin, the Captain, will bring us to the first dive site in time for an early morning dive and we then use his expert judgement to decide the dive sites of the day. In past trips, this has varied based on conditions, local reports (Giant Sea Bass sightings!), our requests and our abilities. There are so many dive sites around Catalina that we are sure to find the best ones for us.  We expect to do two morning dives, two afternoon dives and one night dive on Saturday, with two or three morning dives on Sunday. Then it’s time to head back to San Pedro and start the long drive home.

This is one of our favorite trips with one of the best boat crews and we hope you can join us!

Read on for more details, directions and packing list

Below is a video one of our divers made during the August 2020 trip which shows you a highlight of the Catalina sealife.