Details about the Catalina Trip on the Bottomscratcher Dive Boat

This weekend dive trip from Los Angeles is one of our favorite liveaboard trips with one of the best boat crews and we hope you can join us!

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a carpool?

There is no formal carpool or caravanning. If you are looking to share the ride with somebody, please contact the trip leaders and they might be able to suggest someone to ask.

Are we meeting on Friday for dinner?

We do not schedule a Friday dinner. However generally once your gear is settled on the boat, a group might decide to eat at the 22nd Street Landing restaurant.

Do I have to arrive the night before the trip?

If you need to meet up in the morning, please communicate with us beforehand. The boat generally leaves around dawn but this can vary so we will need to confirm the time with you.

What time do we get back to the dock on Sunday?

We are generally back between 2-3pm but this may vary a little depending on the Sunday dives and the weather.

Food & Drink

Our chef is amazing and you will not go hungry.

Please let your trip leader know ASAP if you have any special dietary requirements and we can plan ahead.

Beer is available for sale (only after you are finished diving for the day) and you can bring liquor. 

And for those of us who care more about coffee – it’s there, hot and plentiful, and tastes great while watching the sun rise. 

Do we have private rooms?

The Bottomscratcher does not have private rooms. We have shared accomodation in the bow of the boat – bunk bed style. There is one double bunk available. All bunks are first come, first served unless you have a prior arrangement with the trip leaders

Are there Pillows/Blankets/Sleeping Bags on the boat?

Some of you may remember these from previous trips. With Covid, the boat no longer provides pillows and blankets. Please bring your own.

How much do I tip?

Please bring cash to tip the boat crew at the end of our trip. The bare minimum in the industry is  $5 per tank ($35-$40 for our usual trips). We generally feel that this crew deserves a lot more than that because of how well they treat us. 

*Covid-19 – our numbers have been cut for the boat which means fewer tips for the crew. We kindly ask that you consider factoring this in when deciding how much to tip


Can I charge my devices?

There are charging ports in the galley that we can use during the day. These have both regular and USB outlets. All devices must be unplugged at night. 

How cold is the water? What do I wear?

Water temperature is usually in the mid-50s. You’ll be most comfortable in a drysuit. If you are using a 7mm wetsuit, we highly recommend pairing it with a hooded vest and thick gloves.

Do I need to bring tanks and weights?

Yes. Bring one full tank. It will get refilled after every dive.

Is Nitrox available?

There is no Nitrox available for this trip.

Can I bring tech gear?

Usually, yes. Please contact your trip leader to discuss your dive plans.

Directions to the Boat Dock

When you get there


Directions are to the “22nd Street Landing” restaurant.


1. You can use the restaurant parking area to unload your gear only.


2. The gate will be unlocked when the boat is ready (around 7pm). Walk down the ramp and through the marina following the red line in this map.


3. Move your vehicle across the street to the northern parking lots for long-term parking as soon as you have finished unloading your gear.

Suggested Packing List

Dive Gear

  • Scuba Tank
  • BCD
  • Regulator
  • Dive Computer
  • Dive Lights
  • Cutting Device
  • Compass
  • Mask/Snorkel/De-Fog
  • Fins/Boots
  • Hood/Gloves
  • Wetsuit/Exowear/Hooded Vest
  • Drysuit/Undergarments/Thermal Socks
  • Weight Bag
  • Camera Gear/SD Card
  • Microfiber Towel
  • Save-a-Dive Kit
  • Extra Batteries
  • Soft Gear Bag (no hard cases/roller bags)


  • 3 sets of warm comfortable clothes
  • Windbreaker/Boat Coat/Poncho
  • Rubber Sandals/Flip Flops
  • Hat/Sunglasses
  • Toiletries
  • Wet Wipes
  • Ocean-safe Sunscreen
  • Towel/Washcloth
  • Sleeping Bag/Blanket/Pillow
  • Clothes to sleep in
  • Teddy Bear



  • Face Mask
  • Water Bottle
  • Bonine Sea Sick Medicine
  • Swimmer’s Ear
  • EarShield/ Ear Plugs
  • Cash to tip the Boat Crew